Senior Managing Partner

Eric is a dynamic, in-demand speaker, coach and consultant with over 26 years experience in sales and marketing.  For over 13 years he has been coaching and consulting with some of the top Financial Advisors and Teams in the industry and has presented at workshops and conferences to thousands of advisors around the country.  

He began his career in banking, servicing high net worth individuals and clients. Prior to starting Focus Partners, he was a Director and Manager for a Big Four Audit and Advisory firm, focusing on marketing/sales and service.

His tactical, laser focused approach enables him to help advisors and teams in all areas of the practice, from business development and client service to team dynamics and roles.

Eric holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Rhode Island, a Masters Degree from Long Island University and has received coach training from one of the leaders of the modern coaching movement.  

He is a member of NFTE, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in New York City and is a regular contributor to Barron’s, Financial Planning, On Wall Street and other industry publications.


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